Change Shapers

A social change incubator for young migrants & local community members.

So what is Change Shapers all about?

Through the delivery of a multi-dimensional two stage program, Change Shapers aims to:


Young people to be engaged and active citizens by better understanding themselves, what makes them unique, their internal power and their potential to influence positive social change. 


Positive social change by supporting young people to better understand power, the role of activism and innovation and to employ critical thinking skills when engaging with information and the media.


Communities of migrants and locals by creating opportunities for them to learn from one another, their diverse knowledge, skills and experiences and create life long connections. 

And how does Change Shapers actually do this?

The Program

Change Shapers is delivered through two stages, beginning with a two day in-person workshop where participants from a migrant and local community background are guided through four distinct stages, culminating in an ‘ideas incubator’. 

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The Reasons

Widespread dis-empowerment of young people, increasingly disconnected communities, mass population movements and an ever hardening political environment means never before has it been so important to take action. 

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The Team

We are fortunate to have a team of passionate and skilled individuals and organisations supporting Change Shapers, including our creative team, program facilitators, guest speakers and program partners.

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Ok, I am officially hooked! How do I follow along?

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"Change Shapers is a highly enjoyable, informative and interactive programme that unlocked our feelings, thoughts and passions towards positive change!”

- Change Shaper Mentor

"I really appreciate the workshop model that the facilitators created. These two days really brought new ideas, info and concepts on community impact on all levels of local, country and the world." 

- Thessaloniki Change Shaper