The Change Shapers Program

The Change Shapers program is a social change incubator, made up of two distinct stages, which takes a multidimensional approach to supporting and empowering young migrants and local community members to shape positive social change. 

It begins with a two day intensive face-to-face delivery workshop which intentionally selects and brings together young people (aged from 18-35) from both the local and migrant community, establishing a safe space for connection, learning and sharing. It then introduces and helps participants explore a range of concepts related to social change over four distinct but connected modules. 

Following the workshop, participants form an ongoing community of practice, facilitated by Change Shapers through an online platform but driven by the young people themselves. Participants continue to build on the connections they have made, refine their ideas for social change and create actionable implementation plans, with the support of the Change Shapers team. 

Change Shapers Workshop Model

Module 1: Fingerprints & Footprints

Change Shapers develop insights into what makes up their own unique 'fingerprint' by better understanding their personal values, passions & strengths, and then consider the potential of their 'footprint' (their impact) by exploring personal barriers and strategies to overcome them.

"I think that mindsets and beliefs can be barriers for people. But if I use the in the right way, they will help me improve and grow". - Siem Reap Change Shaper 

Module 2: Mapping Change

Change Shapers focus their attention on three fundamental concepts; empowerment, action & power, which form a road map to navigate a pathway to achieving positive social change. Through this, what it means to be empowered is considered, various sources of power are analysed, and the essential elements to making a movement are explored.

"How people are influenced is very important to social change" - Thessaloniki Change Shaper 

Module 3: Change Toolbox

Change Shapers explore different strategies and resources which can be used to shape positive social change, including; activism, the media, and innovation. They then analyse the different sectors which make up community and consider what role each of these can play in shaping positive social change.


"Nowadays people cannot live without the media. Everyone needs to know what is happening around the world. But they also need to know which sources are reliable". - Siem Reap Change Shaper

Module 4: Ideas Incubator

The workshop culminates in an ‘ideas incubator’ where Change Shapers have the opportunity to start to develop their own idea for shaping positive social change into tangible action plans, with the support of experienced mentors from the local & international community. 

"I love the way we worked together and created the project with support from our mentors. We can learn from each other and practice what we have learned right away. That was amazing for me."

 - Siem Reap Change Shaper

 "I liked that we went through the process of actively thinking how we would address an issue that is important to us. Using the framework helped to set the idea and then test it's plausibility, which was good." 

- Thessaloniki Change Shaper

"I liked the challenge we had in the group discussion with our mentor because it gave us space to show our point of view to each others and in the end we came up with the good conclusion as a team."

- Siem Reap Change Shaper

Upcoming Programs

Stay tuned to find out where Change Shapers is headed to next!

Previous Programs

Thessaloniki, Greece, June & July 2018

Our very first Change Shapers program was run in Thessaloniki, Greece, beginning with the workshop on the 30th June and 1st July, in partnership with Stimmuli for Social Change. 

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Siem Reap, Cambodia, August 2018

The second Change Shapers program was run in Siem Reap, Cambodia, beginning with the workshop on the 11th and  12th August, in partnership with PEPY Empowering Youth.

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Nottingham, United Kingdom, November 2018

The third Change Shapers program was launched in Nottingham, United Kingdom, with the workshop delivered on the 27th & 28th of October 2018, in partnership with Our Neighbourhood Learning Group and The Renewal Trust. 

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