The Reasons


There are more young people in the world today than ever before. In a time where globalisation has increased interconnectedness across the world's nations, there exists a growing disconnect between these young people and the powers which govern communities. Disempowerment is rife.

Change Shapers aims to empower young people to be engaged and active citizens by better understanding themselves, what makes them unique, and their potential to influence positive social change.  


When young people have direct involvement in shaping and making decisions that impact their lives, it results in stronger communities and a civil society which can offer real and humane solutions to problems. Diversity of thought can also help build accountability. 

Change Shapers aims to shape positive social change by supporting young people to better understand power, the role of activism and innovation and to employ critical thinking skills when engaging with information and the media.


As the world’s population continues to grow, mass population movements are also on the rise. As a result, urban communities are changing and becoming more diverse. Community cohesion can be built through efforts which allow diverse groups to better understand each other.

Change Shapers aims to integrate communities of migrants and locals by creating opportunities for them to learn from one another, their diverse knowledge, skills and experiences and create life long connections.