Our Host Organisation

Stimmuli for Social Change

STIMMULI is a non-profit research organisation specializing in the field of social innovation and its application in different sectors such as education, migration, and social inclusion. The organization employs a mix of cross-disciplinary research approaches to advance the theory and practice of social innovation and produce new knowledge and evidence for policy makers and social innovation practitioners. Learn more about Stimmuli's work and their current projects on their website.   

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The Team

Kyla Raby - Creator

Kyla is a humanitarian at heart, having spent the last 10 years primarily working with non-government organisations in the areas of migration support, community development, human rights, international law and protection. These experiences allowed her to live and work alongside local communities in 15 different countries and experience first hand what can happen when people from diverse backgrounds come together and support one another to thrive. Kyla has a deep passion for equality, and believes that everyone is capable of ‘being the change they wish to see in this world’. 

Kyla is currently an academic for Ducere Global Business School where she teaches students in a Bachelor of Applied Business and a Bachelor of Social Entrepreneurship subjects including social activism, innovation and corporate social responsibility. For a period of 7 years, Kyla was also heavily involved in designing, developing and facilitating a Leadership Development Program and Personal Empowerment program for the non-government organization World Youth International

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Yorgos Sotiriadis – Information Manager

Yorgos is an information specialist who started working with data whilst he was a geology student in 2000 at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. Over the last 11 years he has produced various maps using GIS, created dashboards and visualised data using materials such as graphics, reports, newsletters, presentations and videos. Additional he has managed community engagement activities, receiving information from beneficiary communities, facilitating the resolution of issues raised and using this data to shape operational change.

Yorgos is a passionate humanitarian as for the past 10 years he has been a volunteer with the Hellenic Red Cross (HRC), leading change through the updating of training manuals, organizing and implementing educational videos for the Samaritans Rescuers and Lifeguards volunteers of HRC. Yorgos hold a Master qualification from the Technological University of Kavala in the Analysis and Management of Natural and Man-made Disasters. From 2016, Yorgos has been working for the International Red Cross supporting the response to the migration crisis in Greece. 

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Bianca Raby - Educationalist and Entrepreneur

Bianca is a passionate educator, innovative thinker, learning designer and student experience expert. With over 12 years in various education roles, at all levels, Bianca has a comprehensive understanding of how people learn and the skills needed to ensure high quality student outcomes. 

Bianca is currently a senior consultant and the learning design lead for Curio Group. She previously lead course development for an online business school, privately consulted on education products and worked in leadership roles in the NFP and government sectors both in Australia and overseas. She currently lives in Siem Reap, Cambodia and volunteers for a local NGO, ABCs and Rice. 

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Lesley Cramman - Program Advisor & Facilitator

Lesley is a facilitator, enabler, consultant and coach. She has over 25 years’ experience in designing and delivering learning, leadership and transformation programmes and processes. Lesley has worked with a wide range of organisations in the public sector, third sectors and in communities, nurturing leaders and helping them to develop the skills and resilience to flourish in times of profound change and uncertainty. 

Focusing on people and relationships, Lesley creates environments for learning, innovating and leading change. Her work is underpinned and informed by living systems thinking; working with connection, identity, and information and the potential for self-organisation to support sustainable change. 

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Erini Kalemaki - Social Innovation Researcher

Eirini is one of the three co-founders of STIMMULI for Social Change. She is a senior researcher and project manager and her main research interests and fields of work are centred on the transformative dynamics of social innovation in the field of formal and non-formal education, migration and social entrepreneurship. She holds an MSc in International and European Studies from NKUA and a Bachelor’s Degree in South East European Studies. Erini is currently doing her PhD on social innovation and education with a geographical focus on the Balkan region. 

Since 2010, Erini has worked as a researcher and manager in innovation and research projects and has gained valuable research experience by contributing to the design, implementation and management of several R&I projects at European and international level. 


Ioanna Garefi - Research and Innovation Policy Analyst

Ioanna is the second co-founder of STIMMULI. Since 2006 she has been involved with studies and projects addressing the evolution of research, technological development and innovation on regional, national and European level. She has coordinated and participated in various European and national programmes and has considerable experience as a project manager in EC research activities. Through her participation in different EC and national programmes, she has gained skills, on evaluation and impact assessment of RTDI policies and programmes, SMEs policies, development of training materials for improving the innovativeness, creativity, entrepreneurship of European organisations and businesses, design, organisation and statistical analysis of European surveys and extraction of indicators in different research and policy fields.


Sofia Kantsiou - Project Manager

Sofia is also one of the 3 co-founders of STIMMULI. She holds a University Degree in Accounting and Finance with specialisation in Financial Economics. She had been working for 12 years as a Financial Reporting and Project Manager supporting major EU-Funded projects and as an Accounting Manager supporting both SMEs and big enterprises. She has an excellent knowledge of the financial management of EU research and innovation projects as well as of all administrative aspects of EU-funded projects. After these years of long experience on the finance and accounting sector, she has decided to turn to social economy, as she strongly believes that this is the alternative way to achieve economic and social sustainability. Currently, she is doing her master in Social and Solidarity Economy in Hellenic Open University and is actively involved into research activities focusing on innovative education, social entrepreneurship and the commons.


Our Partners

PEPY Empowering Youth

PEPY Empowering Youth is a local, Cambodia-based education and youth leadership NGO. In the fight against high dropout rates, low awareness of the value of higher education, poverty, and illegal migration, PEPY aims to support and motivate Cambodian youth in rural areas of Siem Reap province. Their programs include Dream Management classes, a Scholarship Program, and the PEPY Learning Center, which is comprised of English, ICT (Information and Communications Technology), and soft skill classes. 

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The Renewal Trust

The Renewal Trust is a nationally-recognised regeneration charity working with children, young people, adults and communities in Nottingham’s Area 6 and beyond. Together, they support people in the way that’s right for them, at different times in their lives. Sometimes that means giving people practical support, like helping them find the right job, volunteer, launch a neighbourhood project, or run a community group.  Other times it means giving people the opportunity to shine, by helping them discover a new sport, nurture their talents or just simply feel inspired. 

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Our Neighbourhood Learning Ground

Our Neighbourhood Learning Ground  emerged from conversations with a variety of people from across Nottingham, the UK and internationally - from communities, the public sector, voluntary organisations, health, education and the arts regarding the urgent need for connection, sharing and collaboration, to learn from each other and to explore new ways of thinking, and new ways of working together to bring about positive change. It is the offer of a platform to support and nurture this connection and new thinking. 

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